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ANDORRA (Correus Espanyols – Spanish Post) ATM issues 2023

El quiosco IAR (Intelligent AR) en la oficina principal de Correos en Andorra la Vella

The Correos philatelic service released a new set of two designs for variable value stamps for Andorra in 2023, two years after the first special ATM series (see article, also published in VARIABLE 61).

The ‘Casa de la Vall’ design is a sunset photograph of this old emblematic building of the Principality, which incidently is an image depicted on many Andorran philatelic issues. The second design, which forms part of the philatelic series dedicated to popular festivals, depicts an evocative image of the Falles del Solstici d’estiu (the summer solstice fire festival).

The rolls of labels were manufactured by Cartor Security Printers in the UK. This second design is particularly interesting, as it is the first time worldwide that a variable value stamp issue has been produced with a central die-cut. The cut-out figure of the fallaire (person holding a sort of fiery torch – a falla) remains attached to the yellow silicone coated release liner when the stamp is removed, creating a beautiful effect on the philatelic/postal item.

Both designs were available from the Andorra la Vella main post office on June 20th and 21st 2023. During the two days, the philatelic service installed the IAR kiosk (code ES01) in the lobby of the post office, and its computer system with the special code AN23 in an office located on the upper floor (see table of codes).

All the stamps include the face value indicator, the imprint ‘20-21 juny Principat d’Andorra‘ (in Catalan language) and the code at the bottom with the stamp issue data. The two machines temporary installed in Andorra issued variable value stamps with special graphics, the Andorra coat of arms on the ‘Casa de la Vall’ design and a graphic symbolising the circle of fire of the falles on the ‘Falles del solstici d’estiu’ design. The same graphics, although -as shown in the images below- with differences depending on the printing equipment used.

As with the other designs, it is also possible to order from the philatelic service in Madrid. In this case, the stamps have the MDCC (Madrid Clara Campoamor) definitive code and do not include the special graphic.

What’s also new about this series for Andorra is the introduction (for the first time with the ATM issues of Correos) of Tarifa D, corresponding to the postage rate for the special international zone that includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Russia. Therefore, the set of values programmed for these two designs is made up of the four face value indicators Tarifa A, Tarifa B, Tarifa C & Tarifa D, corresponding to the four current tariff zones (see table below).

The philatelic service produced a commemorative cover, a postcard, and a special postmark for each stamp design. The covers in the images below include the stamps of each design with the three printing varieties and three postmarks; the special first day postmark, the ‘ATM Punto Filatélico’ – the standard Madrid Clara Campoamor (MDCC) postmark, and the Andorra la Vella main post office steel handstamp postmark.

(English edition rewritten by J. Gareze)

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