ATEEME is an independent international philatelic group created in 1999 by Josep Jové i Jové, specializing in the collecting and study of ATMs and variable value stamps in general. It’s one of the leading references, worldwide, for this postal and philatelic area of collecting. In 2023, ATEEME has over 300 members and collaborators, in 22 countries.

ATEEME has edited the website ateeme.net for 25 years. The first complete version was launched in 1999 with the aim of studying and publishing all the information relating to the variable value stamps issued by Correos, the Spanish postal administration (Spain and Andorra). This activity was later extended to Latin American countries, and since 2001 the page has also included world wide ATM issues. This website became inactive in December 2023, with the launch of this new blog.

GALERÍA ATM is the world’s largest online shop specializing in ATM and variable rate stamp issues. Created in 2004, GALERÍA ATM has been part of the ATEEME group since December 2008. With your purchases, you are supporting the Group’s work and our publications, such as this website. You make it possible.

ATEEME has published VARIABLE, a quarterly magazine published in Spanish & English from July 2006 to January 2023. In the 67 issues published over 17 years, this philatelic and postal publication continues the editorial material of the web site and includes articles, specialized studies and news relating to ATMs and variable value stamps world-wide. Some issues also include articles and studies devoted to private postal operators in Spain. See this page with information about all the issues and the copies still available from our online shop.

Although our offices are in Tarragona, Catalunya, these are not open to public and we do not have a ‘physical’ shop, and so for any question or comment about this website or the online shop, you can contact us (Català, Spanish, French, English) by e-mail (preferred), traditional mail or telephone. We will be happy to assist you.

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