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SPAIN. The Correos philatelic service postcards

Did you know that …

As a result of the interest from many collectors in maximum cards with new variable value stamp designs, the Correos philatelic service started to produce postcards associated with each of the ATM issues in July 2022, with the exception of the two definitive annual issues.

It was also decided, as a new feature, to include special printing and die-cutting of the postcards produced from January 2024.
The picture side of the cards features a die-cut simulated perforation and the acronym ‘ATM‘ in the bottom right-hand corner.
On the back, the wording ‘ATM‘ reappears, but in this case with only the last two letters printed, ‘TM‘.
Due to a manufacturing error, the first postcard issued in 2024 (Aviones históricos – first row of pictures) does not include the die-cutting, and only has the printing of the letters ‘TM‘ on the back.

(English edition rewritten by J. Gareze – June 2024)