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FRANCE. MARCOPHILEX XLVII in Épernay & Albert Deullin

Every year, in mid-October, the Union Marcophile, led by its enthusiastic president Laurent Albaret, organizes an excellent exhibition of philately and postal history as well as its annual general assembly in collaboration with local or regional philatelic associations. The 47th Marcophilex was held in Épernay, organised by l’Association Philatélique Sparnacienne, which in 2023 celebrated its 125th anniversary.

In fact it was not the first time that the Marcophilex has come to Épernay; many of us can remember the 2012 exhibition, the first time that the then Phil@poste released a vignette LISA for a Marcophilex (see article, published in VARIABLE 27) … and more than 10 years have already gone by …

And if the 2012 exhibition and issue had champagne as a prominent theme, the 47th Marcophilex was dedicated to aeronautics, with several collections on display and a LISA issue paying tribute to Captain Albert Deullin.

MARCOPHILEX XLVII was held over the weekend of October 14th & 15th at the Palais des Fêtes, in the same location as in 2012. This event brought together some thirty stands occupied by stamp dealers, philatelic associations and local artists, set out in two large halls.

You can read articles on the earlier MARCOPHILEX exhibitions from 2012 onwards both on our earlier website and in the issues of VARIABLE

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