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COSTA RICA. 2022, the ‘Ranita Venenosa Granular’ design

Correos de Costa Rica have, since 2017, been issuing a series of labels depicting very nice photographs of animals endemic to Costa Rica. The rolls of self-adhesive labels used in Correos de Costa Rica branches print variable value stamps via a computerised system.

Following on from the first four designs produced between 2017 and 2021 (see article, also published in VARIABLE 61), this new design depicts a photograph by Bernardo López of the Ranita Venenosa Granular or Granular poison frog (Oophaga granulifera).

This new design was produced in 2022 and distributed to postal branches by the end of that year. As with previous designs, these issues do not have an official date of issue or first day of use. The labels are produced strictly for postal purposes, and their manufacture, distribution and use in branches is determined by operational needs.

The rolls of 1,500 thermal self-adhesive labels are produced by R. R. Donnelley de Costa Rica, S.A., printed by flexography and with a high-gloss finish to the design area. The size of the label is 57 x 27 mm., with die cut ‘wavy’ vertical edges as a security measure against counterfeiting and / or reuse. The labels also incorporate the continuous security micro-printing showing ‘CORREOS DE COSTA RICA’ in the design area, visible against the light when viewed at an angle or with a UV lamp. A QR code in the upper right-hand corner directs one to the Correos de Costa Rica website.

The computer system installed in the Correos branches only prints variable value stamps corresponding to the current postal tariffs. The information printed on the stamps is arranged in three rows. The top line contains the service code, the weight, the user code (US0 + identity card), and the point-of-sale number. The middle line has the invoice number (F:), the date and time of issue whilst the bottom line, contains the stamp number (in the case of multiple stamp purchases, numbered from 1- to 9-, and *- from the tenth stamp onwards- see strip). On the right of the label, is the face value to two decimal places in a 14-digit format (with values made up using asterisks). The value is preceded by an incorrect currency symbol the “Colón” with a single vertical bar (₵ instead of the correct symbol with two diagonal strokes, ₡).

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The new self-service mailboxes

In March 2022, Correos de Costa Rica put into operation the first five self-service mailboxes (called Buzón de Autoservicio), postal kiosks where customers are able to manage the shipping of domestic parcels. Delivery can be made to a home address or to one of the API (Apartado Postal Inteligente) parcel stations first installed in March 2018 throughout the country.

(English edition rewritten by J. Gareze – December 2023)

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